Made with MAGIX Also called “Strolling Puppetry”, it is puppetry at it’s most basic, interactive, and fun! Puppeteers attend your special event and mingle with the crowd for a hilarious time. Fairy Beary meets Santa at Carolina Place Mall Charlotte, NC Walk-Around Puppetry is an easy and entertaining way to make any event special and more memorable: No need for scheduled performance. No set up required. Suitable for parties, festivals, company or private events, even help the ribbon-cutter at Grand Openings. Can be done indoors or out. Puppets will joke, sing, and interact in with your guests in hilarious ways even we can’t predict! A few of our signature walk- around puppets at Carolina Place Mall for their “Breakfast With Santa”: A news reporter for Channel 6 in Charlotte            did a story on Breakfast With Santa and made the mistake of letting our guys get on camera with her...        She tried to stay serious & professional .... she didn’t stand a            chance!      One or more puppeteers can be available for your events, bringing a variety of characters to rotate performing with.  Call for pricing.  704-532-8408 Strolling puppets entertain guests at:  Festivals  Grand Openings  Company and            Charity Events