Gallery of custom-built puppets Made with MAGIX Blue Moon Puppets has built custom puppets for such theater companies as Epic Arts Repertory Company, Actors Theater  of Charlotte, Carolina Studio Theater (C.A.S.T.), Limelight Theater, Georgia Shakespeare Co., and Yay Now Video Productions Contact us to discuss how we can build a puppet for your special needs Blue Moon Puppets has also created an array of custom-built puppets for video and stage productions. Below is a sample of the many puppets designed and created over the years: In the spring of 2013, Discovery Place Kids in Rockingham NC commissioned Blue Moon Puppets to write scrips and record soundtracks for five shows to be performed at the Discovery Place museums. Blue Moon produced five original shows, reworking puppets Discovery Place already owned for three of the shows and building new puppets for the remaining two. The classic story retold in song in dance with original music composed by Amy Steinberg and original lyrics by Pamela Shook. Not so bright Peter and Percival Pig along with their no-nonsense sister Peggy face off against Big Bad (BB) Wolf as he tries to “invite” them to dinner while singing a Blues music beat. Puppets designed by Pamela Shook The classic Aesop’s fable of an egotistical hare and his comeuppance by a patient and confident tortoise, mixed in with other beloved fairy tale characters. Cameos by the Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Sun and North Wind. Original music composed by Amy Steinberg  and original lyrics by Pamela Shook. Puppets designed by Pamela Shook Script by Pamela Shook and Stephen Clifford       Original Music by Amy Steinburg                 Lyrics by Pamela Shook Using and reworking puppets already in use by Discovery Place Kid’s, Blue Moon Puppets created an original tale told by Meranda Mermaid about how a hermit crab, a sea anemone, and a clown fish were able to join their talents to escape being eaten by Ollie Octopus and Stella Starfish. And create a life long cooperative friendship! Old Meranda Meranda after her make-over “Stella”, old and new Old Chrissie Chrissie the Decorative Crab and her award-winning camoflage telephone: 704-532-8408 Email: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------