Pamela Shook, Puppeteer/playwright, founded Blue Moon Puppets in 1994, after six years as a puppeteer with Atlanta’s Piccadilly Puppets and the Center for Puppetry Arts. While with Piccadilly, she wrote “Butterfly Ballad” for the opening of the new butterfly house at Callaway Gardens, Ga. She was a part of the original cast for Suzi Ferris’ “The Box of Night”, which premiered at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta and was taken to the 1992 Henson Puppetry Festival in New York. By 1994, Pamela decided she was ready to branch out on her own and create her own performing company, Blue Moon Puppets. With a grant from Dekalb Council for the Arts (GA), she wrote and created “Folktales from Global Village”, a collection of traditional tales from around the world. And so Blue Moon was launched. Co-founder Stephen Clifford was a resident puppeteer at the Center for Puppetry Arts for three seasons.   He went on to perform and construct puppets for productions at the 14th St Playhouse in Atlanta- “A Magical Christmas”- as well as shows for Theater in the Square in Marietta, GA, and the Birmingham Children’s Theater. He is also author of “Sir George and the Reluctant Dragon”, a one act Children’s Theater play for live actors and a body-costume dragon puppet. Both Pamela and Stephen build the puppets, sets, and sound tracks for their original productions.            Since moving to Charlotte, Blue Moon Puppets also began making puppets for theatrical and television production companies.  Pamela has also done special lectures and workshops for the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center to promote puppet-related touring shows such as “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Avenue Q”.        Long after the show ended, our students were talking about the stories and the puppets. The program appealed to all our students from Kindergarten to Fourth Grade. You captivated their imaginations and sparked their interest in folktales.” - Marianne Richardson, Lower School Director “We've seldom seen such rapt attention! Your selection of stories shows that you know your audiences well. Many thanks for a delightful morning.” - Jamie Adcock,  Preschool Teacher , “'Folktales from Global Village' was a real hit at the arts festival. Pamela challenged the children at an appropriate level and never talked down to them. 'The Mighty Prince' is my favorite; it is both funny and thoughtful, with a pertinent message.” - Karen Sadler, Festival Producer “You are a wonderful entertainer - you really made a dream come true for my son and I love you for that!” Sherena B., birthday mom                                         “Where did the name “Blue Moon Puppets”            come from? On the night Pamela and Stephen were asking themselves “what should we name this company?” , a report on The Weather Channel announced that that night there was going to be a second full moon for the month- i.e., a “Blue Moon”. The name was a natural, and “Blue Moon Puppets” was born! Made with MAGIX Pamela Shook and Stephen Clifford gave an enthralling performance.  All age groups were attentive and entertained by these educational stories.  They had many questions afterwards about the stories, countries and the method of puppetry they witnessed. …(Their show) reinforces history, culture, language, geography, performing and writing techniques, and global awareness.  We were very pleased.”  – Martha Farrell, Teacher, Dept. of Foreign Language “There are balloon artists, clowns, and even birthday party musicians, but nothing keeps the little ones entertained the way Blue Moon Puppets does. This puppet show has lovable characters and adorable story lines that add flavor and fun to conventional birthday celebrations.”- Charlotte Magazine, May 2014 issue for the BOB (Best Of the Best) Awards, Best Birthday Entertainer